We've been creating what we believe in for over 125 years..


This year Raleigh celebrates 125 years of manufacturing some of the finest bicycles in the world. That's a span that covers three centuries of letting our bikes speak for our brand. That's enough time for us to be the longest continuously-operating bicycle manufacturer in the world. It's long enough for us to have seen fads become industry standards, and 125-year-old technology become the latest and greatest. It's long enough that we could have lost our way and got caught up in results and media hype. And instead of endorsing local grassroots racers, we could rely on paying high profile athletes to ride and endorse our product. It's long enough that we could have ditched our durable, dependable image and recreated ourselves as a disposable bike brand where everything becomes obsolete year after year.

That wouldn't be us.

That wouldn't be Raleigh.

We'll stick with what we believe is true. We know that an honest day's pay can still be achieved while riding a bike. We believe there are clean racers out there that put in real miles for honest results. We've witnessed the spark in a child's eye when they get there first real taste of freedom and discover a desire to explore. WE believe that bicycles have souls, and each one is as unique as the rider that partners with it. We believe that bicycles should be handed down, that they are not disposable and should be revered for their attributes and life. We've seen trends come and go, but witnessed at the core of every trend is something genuine. We can appreciate the beauty of a clean bike, but think a muddy bike is just plain sexy. We know that real technology makes a bike better, but it's the rider that makes it come alive. We know the best way to get from pint A to point B is almost never in a straight line. We're not certain a bike will solve all the worlds problems, but we are sure it isn't adding to them. We don't based success on what we do today, but what we continue to see ton the road 30 years from now.

We've been creating what we believe in for 125 years.

We are Raleigh bicycles.


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