Medium Cannondale Bad Habit 2


Between the Habit's great handling and the huge grip and roll-over-anything float of 27+ tires, Bad Habit is the ultimate technical trail machine.  With Twin Ports Cyclery's new demo program, you can experience one yourself on any of Duluth's world-class trails.  Our demo bikes are limited, so please call ahead to reserve yours to prevent disappointment.  The number is 218-624-4008.  Keep reading for the fine print.

When you check out the bike your credit card will be authorized for the full value of the demo bike.  When you bring it back you will have all but $100 returned to your card.  Think of that as a sort of rental fee.  You will be liable for any damage to the bicycle, normal wear and tear excluded.  Please do not clean the bike prior to bringing it back!  We appreciate the gesture, but we have our own cleaning products that we know not to damage the finish, bearings, or rubber.  Have fun and happy trails!